Pixel Bear Club

🍯It's not for the money, it's for the honey 🍯

About Us

🎉Over the last few days, we‘ve been inundated with a lot of questions: What the hell is Pixel Bears? Why Pixelart? Do you have any Utility? When Whitelist?

🐻 What the hell is Pixel Bear Club?🐻

Pixel Bear Club is not just an NFT. We are not a brand! It’s not another Pixel Collection! We are going our own way.

📃We have a simple plan: we are building a vibe, easy, simple, funny and without any frills! The Pixel Bear Club is for everyone. We want to represent the Solana culture and all people on it. We are one big family! United in our minds!

Look at all collections…Okay Bears here, Bulls there, Apes here, apes there. Everyone is creating something „new“ and „exclusive“ with ideas and designs of other collections. Same sh*t, different name. Every collection is something „special“ and the best in the world…

Our Bears are not representing all this points. We are Starting from a simple and easy Pixel to a funny and hot NFT! The bears are riding the Solana-wave to make YOU happy! Easy but lovely and affordable!

We are in the bear market. We have to work together to solve this problem. Just a strong community is a good community. We want to create a place where everyone is welcome. A place where you can talk about your problems and we will find a solution together for it. A place where you can ask anything and we will find the answer! You are not alone! You need some honey? We have honey for you😜🍯

Our focus is on the community. What can we do for YOU with our NFT. You are not buying an NFT for a few bucks. You‘re buying a ticket to enter a better place for a fair price😉

We are not doing it for the money, we are doing it to create a new and beautiful place for everyone.

👀Sounds amazing! Do you have any utility:

While every project has the best roadmap and best utility ever with their NFT, we don’t want to promise you such bullshit things! YES we have a Roadmap. YES we have an utility but we want to reach our goals with you! We need you!

What are we going to do to spread positive vibes on the Solana wave:

1️⃣ The Forrest: we are creating a place where everyone lives together in peace. One big family helping each other, finding solutions, fighting against problems in your daily life and eating honey together.

2️⃣ treehole of secrets: you have a real big issue you need to talk about and other people are listening to you. Maybe we can help you to solve your problem. You are not alone with your problems. 💯% Anonymus

3️⃣ Merch-Store: We will create a Merch Store. You Love the Pixel Bear Club and want to show this? No problem we will have everything you can imagine as Merch. Even socks or underwear 😜 and your first Order (1 piece) will be for free✋🏼 you just have to pay for delivery.

4️⃣ work together: You have insane talents? You are an amazing artist or know everything about developing apps or a lot of other stuff? Why not working together? We are living in the year 2022. You can work from home and be a part of our journey!

5️⃣  Honey of wisdom: we know how difficult it is to find good projects. Most of us lost a lot of money in the „best“ and most „hyped“ projects. We will Organise Trainings for you with well known people in this space. We pay and you listen once a month. We don’t want that you lose money. We will reinvest everything in YOU!

6️⃣ best of all: Our jump and run-Game! Yes you read it correctly! We will create a Game for the community! Easy and simple to play for all of our holders! All games for mobile phones are getting more and more difficult and take a long time to understand them. We don’t want this! Remember Mario from good old times? Running from left to right and kicking some as*es? Easy but funny. And of course you can play with our bears you hold as NFT.
You are sitting on the toilet and want to play? Take your phone and start a game. Your wife is getting ready to go out for dinner and you are waiting for her for 2 hours straight? Start our game and earn SOL. Everyone of you has 5 minutes a day to play. And the best of it: the more you play the more you earn in SOL. Everything will be explained later😏

🤝Conclusion: 🤝

All in all what Do you have to lose? Right nothing! If you mint our project you throw around 1 SOL or lower on our Honeyjar and get a funny NFT. We will do our best to make you happy and maybe you can sell much higher after mint! You can just win! New friends, a big family, an funny NFT and Merch for free like we told you. This project is from our hearts and with passion for all of you! We know how difficult it is to find cool projects and not to lose money after mint…